How Investing with BuyProperly Works

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How it works


Browse the selection of high-growth potential investment properties (US & Canada)


Choose the property and how much you want to invest


Invest with a couple of clicks, and sit back to monitor your portfolio


Earn monthly rental income & capital returns

How do I make money?

Grow your money 4 ways:

Rental income

A guaranteed rental payment that provides steady cash flow and quarterly payout.

Principal recapture

Tenants paying off the mortgage while growing your equity.

Capital appreciation

As the property value grows, your investments grows with it.

Active appreciation

Property updates and enhancements that increase its value.

New investors can start with just $500 to invest

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How do I sell?

Buy. Sell. Whenever You Wish.

You’re free to list your shares for sale anytime with BuyProperly. Simply set the sale price and the number of shares you’d like to sell. Other investors can then buy them.